Fort Worden Workshop 2011

37 Years
September 9 - 11, 2011

This year at Ft. Worden we had the enjoyment of many youthful dancers that have added tremendous energy to our dancing. Coming from many branches, they are the Scottish Country Dancers of the Future. Our thanks to all who came. They presented us with a special dance, of which this single picture was taken. Thanks to Rachel Pusey and Tonna Kutner we have flickr pictures and Youtube dance from this weekend for your enjoyment.

Calum MacKinnon - fiddle, Edmonds, WA Lisa Scott - piano, Portland, OR Ginny Snowe - bass, Bellingham, WA Ryan McKasson - fiddle, Tacoma, WA Brian Crisafulli - fiddle, Freeland, WA

Terry Harvey, Delaware Valley Irene Paterson, Mukilteo, WA Lin Pettengill, San Mateo, CA Jim Rae, Lockerbie, Scotland

Sound Management
Frank Brown

Flickr Pictures provided by Rachel Pusey